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Dec 5, 2012 2:30pm PST
country called america. for americans. anything which we get from that administration is a bonus. it is time the african nation stop relying on changes in administration elsewhere. as part of the movement away from the original. and so we should not expect any special treatment from the u.s. administration. on the contrary, a sense of belonging should encourage the leaders to try to make things easier. there are enough problems in the world. it is a young continent, if you like, in terms of what is happening elsewhere. they should be able to organize internally. the european union, the former soviet enclave. not reaching for handouts, not expecting special things. let's meet as equals. and collaborate. tavis: it is impossible to do justice to a conversation about africa in 30 minutes. you were able to do it in the pages of your text. it is called "of africa," written by the nobel laureate from nigeria, wole soyinka, and that is our show for tonight. things are watching, and as always, keep the faith. >> for more information on today's show, visit tavis smiley at join me next
Dec 11, 2012 2:30pm PST
america. it sounds incredibly cheesy but it is true. tavis: i read this book in high school. you signed up to play this when you're 17 and this book called "twilight"it's in the way. making records and set records and i come back to this project. what do you make of the way that -- it is kind of like "on the road." how did this thing work out? >> looking back on that i am incredibly happy i was able to grab a couple of years before i did this movie. i did one of those irresponsible things, you sign up to a movie you do not think it can do. i was not old enough to play the part. i would have done any job on the crew just to be around. so i think those few years were a sort of pre-production, it really long rehearsal -- a really long reversib rehearsal. you need to validate yourself so we had a lot of time to feel like we were privy to a lot of information through walter that normal actors would not allow you to know. and i got through -- to do "twilight"which is something i am close to as well. tavis: are you happy that "twilight"is done? happy, relieved? you tell me what the right word
Dec 28, 2012 7:00pm EST
think that difference exists. >> i think america wonderfully celebrates the individual. i think you are very good at saying "i." "i like this." i think generally -- tavis: that was very nicely put. we're arrogant, just say it. >> no, no, i actually do not mean that. tavis: we're not "celebrating the individual." >> no, you do. tavis: we're arrogant and we're pompous. >> no, i think that -- look, i am english. you cannot get more arrogant than that, i mean, come on. i think english, you apologize about yourself. we have a level of apology, of kind of going, "i think this -- sorry, sorry i think this." tavis: yeah, yeah. >> there is a general kind of do not stick your head up too high because it'll get shot off, kind of type thing. so i think it is much easier for english actors to go, "oh, i do not want to play me, because i shouldn't be here, so i will play that person." i think there is something culturally within that that kind of makes us. i also think you come from a history of film. this is the place of film actors, and film actors are -- normally it is much closer to themselve
Dec 7, 2012 2:30pm PST
-life speckles over water in south america. it is called "a dark truth." it is available from video on demand starting november 29. now, a scene from "a dark truth ." >> my wife -- she does not trust you. >> i know. >> she think our family will not be safe. >> is your family safe here? how long can they live like this? >> the answer is always the same until we die. >> come with me. we will stop them from doing what they did here, in other countries. you have to trust me. francisco. you must trust me. you must trust me. tavis: first of all, good to see you again. about this project -- i have been reading so much lately about how, into the future, whirs will continue to be fought, sadly. more and more, we are going to fight over is not religion, not geography, who has the right to decide the line. we are going to be fighting over water. >> it is a sustainable item. tavis: who controls the water sources? into the fray comes this wonderful project, "a dark truth." i will let you explain the character you play, then i want to get into the film. so many real-life issues run through this movi
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)